Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Covfefe T-shirts for Men and Women

Because "memes", I've put together a couple of Covfefe shirts for men and women.  


5 Rigged and Fitmesh Sizes


5 Fitmesh sizes + various MESH Bodies

Thursday, May 25, 2017

4 Women's MESH Summer Dresses

I absolutely love this style of basic Summer dress.  It's not super flashy for some crazy ball and not super sexy or slutty looking (not that there is a problem with that, being a little wild sometimes is good too).

I plan to expand this line up in the future but for now I've only got these 4 available.

* Includes 5 Standard Sizes with Alpha

Thursday, May 18, 2017

6 New Piggu June T-Shirts

I've been looking more and more into filling out the clothing options for some of the less commong MESH Avatars.  I've been especially interested in making clothes for the two Piggu Avatars June and Johnathan.  I've prepped up some things for Johnathan but the Dev Kit doesn't seem to be available yet.  The June kit is available, and I've created a half dozen new shirts.

There will definitely be more stuff in the future as these are already drawing a decent amount of attention in their short time listed.

Piggu is a newer MESH Avatar that's become available, instead of your usual super model look, both Johnathan and June are designed to be overweight, making them pretty unique among MESH bodies.

25L$ each on the Marketplace or the In World Store.  These are only designed to work with the Piggu June MESH body.  Each includes one MESH T-shirt.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Love the World Women's Oversized Tanks Lineup

I had a neat idea that I followed through on, and this this line up of women's tank tops was created.  I may add a few others later, though I can't really think of any good ones to add at the moment.  I'm open to suggestions of cities with somewhat recognizable skylines...

* Includes 5 Fitmesh Sizes 
* Includes SLink Hiurglass and Physique 
* Includes Maitreya, eBody, and TMP 
* Includes Belleza Freya, Venus, Isis 
* Includes Tonic Curvey and Fine

Available in world or on the marketplace...


Thursday, May 4, 2017

5 New Men's T-Shirts

New in world and in the online marketplace store, 5 new Men's T-shirts for your Second Life!

Includes 5 Rigged and 5 Fitmesh Sizes

Includes 5 Rigged and 5 Fitmesh Sizes

Includes 5 Rigged and 5 Fitmesh Sizes

Includes 5 Rigged and 5 Fitmesh Sizes

Includes 5 Rigged and 5 Fitmesh Sizes

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Getting Things Organized

I've been feeling motivated lately, which means I've actually been working on doing things with my Second Life store.  Since first publishing this blog, the store has closed up and moved in world and pretty much stagnated.

I've been working hard to organize and sort all of these templates I've picked up and to sort and organize the various notes and ideas I've collected in order to mush them all together into something somewhat cohesive.

This means there's actual new products available.  Like, a bunch, I'll get into some sort of individual showcase listings later, since that seems to be the thing to do.  Right now, I'm still working on setting up the basic store and online marketplace listings.  The store is live, but I'm not too keen on doing a ton of promotion until it's a little more fleshed out.

You can visit it by following this SLURL however.

There's also of course, the online Marketplace store for Gique Boutique.

Men's and Women's clothes, with a nerdy geeky flare.  I'm working on updating the graphics and such as well.

After finishing up this little backlog of half finished stuff I already have some future plans laid out so the store can carry a larger variety than mostly T-shirts, though I intend to stick to more or less "casual wear".  I want to add in some accessories as well over time.

I also plan to roll out some clothes for some other more specialized mesh bodies.  I'm already working on some clothes for the Piggu Johnathan and June and I want to look into putting together some things for male the Aestethic body, though I'm not quite sure yet how the clothing works on that end yet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Welcome to Gique Boutique

Welcome to the Gique Boutique Store Blog!

This blog will be used for news and updates about products in my Second Life store, Gique Boutique.  Our niche is to sell more casual style clothing with a nerdy and geeky flair.

Be sure to check out the in-world shop or browse the marketplace.

Also as I evolve my OSGrid region Gique I may from time to time post items there as well, likely as freebies.